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Warehousing capabilities


Take advantage of our efficient 30,000 square foot facility by signing up for our warehousing programs.  Our VMI apply a low 1.5% fee rather than an expensive ‘per pallet’ cost.  Our state of the art, software based coding system allows us to inventory more product in a smaller footprint.  Combined with minimum order levels we’re able to reduce your inventory and improve your cash flow by shipping only what you need when you need it.

Programs are available for quantities of a minimum annual order of 100,000 and require a signed purchasing agreement tied to blanket PO’s.

Vendor Managed Inventory Program

An important part of Label Impressions’ value proposition involves bringing our knowledge and expertise of Lean Concepts to your operation.  We’ll bring our Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma experts to you to institute a Vendor Managed Inventory program utilizing an efficient Kanban system to streamline your label and flexible package inventory allowing you to employ a true ‘Just-in-Time’ supplier process.


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