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Smart QR Code Packaging Labels

With counterfeit products on the rise, let Label Impressions help you protect your products and your consumers.

Holograms, tricky packaging and other anti-counterfeiting methods are being copied every day, but our smart QR codes from NeuroTags are guaranteed counterfeiting protection.


Brand Protection

QR codes have specific characters in specific locations. These codes can be easily scanned with a phone camera which links the phone anywhere you want it to go.

But NeuroTags’ smart QR codes aren’t like anything that’s come before them.

NeuroTags is an AI monitored serialization platform that digitizes physical products resulting in the best counterfeiting solution for your brand. These smart QR codes combined with 24x7 cloud-based AI monitoring assist retailers and costumers in identifying legitimate product. Each package is printed with a unique smart QR code.

This system tracks smart QR code scans and instantly alerts customers and brands if a package is scanned multiple times. Only counterfeit packaging will use the same QR code for each package. Only a repeatedly scanned counterfeit package will notify customers.

Smart QR codes are essential in your fight for brand protection. These codes are an excellent way to help consumers differentiate between legitimate and black-market products.

When your legitimate product is scanned, the product will be authenticated and can link consumers to your website, a licensing agency, ingredients list, health information, or a certificate of analysis.

To complete this authentication process, consumers simply scan the smart QR code using their smart phone’s camera function. No additional app is needed.

Label Impressions can offer another layer of security by printing two QR codes on your product. One can be scanned in the store and, after purchase, removed to reveal another QR code that should match the first. If the two codes don’t match, again customers and brands are alerted to the counterfeit nature of the product.

In addition to protecting your brand from counterfeiting, smart QR codes can protect brands from diversion. Wholesale customers purchasing and distributing in a way that is against brand rules can be stopped with smart QR codes. When smart QR codes are scanned, they notify you of the location of the scan. You can finally track down who is selling your products through unauthorized channels.


Who needs a Smart QR Code?

Counterfeiting is expected to reach $4.2 trillion annually this year. You’re already losing money from counterfeiters, and it’s only getting worse.

Industries all over the country can’t afford NOT to use smart QR codes. Some of the industries needing brand protection include, but are not limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Health and personal care
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Cannabis

In addition to immediate lost revenues, counterfeiting can decrease your brand revenue over time by devaluing your brand. Counterfeit products are typically poorer quality and dangerous. A consumer fooled by counterfeit products can be harmed while blaming your brand for the incident. Social media can quickly take the story out of control.

Meanwhile, consumers are sure to notice brands that go the extra mile in assuring their safety, increasing your customer retention. Brands like Platinum and The Kind Pen are already working with Label Impressions to use smart QR tags with great results.


What else can Smart QR Codes do?

After smart QR codes confirm the authenticity of a product, they can also provide the consumer with pre-purchase product information and offers at their point of decision.

After purchase, customers can scan a protected code to receive loyalty rewards and other incentives. Customers can also be prompted to provide an email address, allowing brands to directly market to their customers.

Typically, once a product is put on a store shelf, brands have limited access to buyers. This results in lost consumer marketing opportunities, missing data for reliable decision making and missing supply chain visibility. All of these problems are solved with NeuroTags smart QR codes.

Benefits of NeuroTags smart QR codes include:

  • Pre-purchase product information and offers
  • Post-purchase consumer engagement
  • Automated digital marketing
  • Supply chain tracking
  • Transaction data
  • Notice of fraudulent events
  • Protect consumers and your brand
  • Consumer education
  • Geo-location-based product pages
  • Influence buyers
  • Increase social media influence
  • Allow consumers to earn loyalty points or product rewards


Why Label Impressions?

Label Impressions has the state-of-the-art equipment and technology needed to print unique smart QR codes for each of your packages. Our QR codes work every time, guaranteed.

Label Impressions can print smart QR codes – about 1 inch by 2 inches – directly onto your packaging, or we can print them on stickers, allowing you to complete the process.

We follow stringent ISO 9001:2015 guidelines including 100 percent line clearance, acetate proofs, sample retain library, on press video monitoring and verification and our stringent 15-step dual sign off process.

Label Impressions is the highest quality, most innovative custom product label and shrink sleeve label printer on the West Coast. We run a certified eco-friendly facility, maintain the highest standards and provide our customers with quality assurance test after test throughout the printing process.

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