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Shelf Appeal

Label Impressions has always strived to produce the highest quality labels with the most shelf appeal. In addition to our award-winning label printing, we offer eye-catching designs with foil labels, screen printed labels, tactile labels, resealable labels, see-through labels, and even color changing labels.

We are one of the few label printers in the country to offer high-resolution, in-house, digital flexo platemaking. This technology combines high-definition imaging with advanced screening to produce the finest detail and color control ever available in label printing. The result is a brighter, sharper, more dazzling label and printing quality that rivals offset printing and gives your product the greatest shelf appeal.

Two innovative products from Label Impressions combine to bring you some of the most unique packaging available. Cast and Cure provide eye-popping three-dimensional and holographic effects without the high cost of traditional specialty materials. And our unique packaging tubes, produced by shaping and crimping pressure-sensitive labels, allow unlimited design options at the lowest possible cost for a durable and reliable squeeze package.

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