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Sachet & Packettes

Custom pouches, sachets and packettes provide unique marketing and promotional tools for a variety of products like vitamins and tablets, cosmetic liquids and creams and snack foods. Sample packettes can be included in subscription boxes or magazine ads to allow potential consumers the chance to investigate new products. Packettes of a new product can be displayed in stores with similar products or affixed to an existing product to reach consumers while they're shopping.

You can create a memorable experience and foster brand recognition with custom packette giveaways at tradeshows and promotional events. In addition, you can target your customers directly with your samples in a lightweight, cost-effective pouch or sachet. Complimentary sample packettes are a great way to cross promote, build brand loyalty, and generate interest in new products. 

While many manufacturers offer packettes, getting the right structure is critical to performance and success, so make sure you consult with the experts at Label Impressions when considering any custom sampling program. Label Impressions can help you discover how you can use our affordable packettes to promote your product in creative and economical ways.

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