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Rotary Screen Printed Labels

In addition to our award-winning flexographic printing, Label Impressions offers rotary screen printing in-line with flexographic printing. This process creates stunning labels that offer a number of advantages over traditional label printing:

  • Strong opaque whites
  • Better ink coverage
  • Bolder, more accurate, continuous colors
  • Sharper lines and crisper text
  • More durable printing
  • Weather and fade resistant
  • Tactile effects/ raised printing/Braille
  • A true 'No label look'
  • Strong metallics
  • Irridescent inks
  • Scent
  • RFID antennas/conductive inks
  • Anti-counterfeit protection

Rotary screen label printing gives you that high end look that no other process can deliver. For personal care labels when a true 'no label' look is desired our screen printed labels provide the effect you're after. Screened labels add value by bringing special effects such as tactile, raised coatings, combination varnishes, scent, stronger metallics, iridescence and color shifting effects.

Give your labels the extra 'pop' they need with our rotary screen printing effects.

Our label experts will help you choose the best printing process for your application, and ensure that your product looks fantastic. If you'd like to receive some screen-printed samples, just give us a call at 714-634-3466, or contact us for a free estimate on your next order.


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