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Reverse See-Thru Labels

Sometimes, due to container size or configuration, the best way to communicate product information is through the actual product. In order to achieve this, Label Impressions can print graphics in reverse on the underside of the label and apply adhesive over the printing. The effect is a clear label which can be applied to the back side of a clear container and be readable when looking at the front of the product container.

This technique is often used for cosmetic products like shampoos or gels, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceutical where packaging area is limited, or for beverages, but can be used in any situation where information needs to be presented differently or more creatively. Subsurface printing is also used to create a more durable label for extreme environments because the actual printing is protected by the entire label substrate rather than a varnish layer.

Along with reverse see-thru labels, Label Impressions provides an assortment of ultra-clear labels for various packaging designs, including a "no-label" look. Contact a label consultant for more information or to obtain samples.

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