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QR Codes & 2D Barcode Labels

Barcode label printing has become one of the most popular ways to identify and track various products. Labels Impressions is well versed in numerous barcode technologies, especially 2D and QR codes.

2D barcodes are robust, high-density barcodes capable of carrying an abundance of data - far more data than standard barcodes. Label Impressions has the capability to print variable or consecutive 2D barcodes on labels, tags and a variety of other substrates.

QR codes have specific characters in specific locations. Traditional flexographic printing plates can distort or gain just slightly - perhaps not enough for the human eye to see but enough to render a QR code unreadable. Unreadable QR labels mean frustrated consumers and lost sales! 

At Label Impressions we understand this technology and the specific printing requirements involved. We have a state-of-the-art prepress system with the most current equipment and technology. We are able to produce up to 400 line screen and exceed offset printing quality for both 2D and QR barcodes.

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