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Promotional Labels

Promotional labels can bring attention to special characteristics of a product, discounts offered, instructions for use or cross-promotional of additional products.  Game pieces- whether in card or label form fall under this category.

Construction options for promotional labels

Promotional labels can be as thin as a post-it note or up to 14 points thick as in many game pieces and/or giveaway discount cards.  A combination of permanent, resealable or ultra-low tack adhesives are often used to enhance the user’s experience with this interactive label.  

Promotional label options

  • Scratch and sniff
  • Peel and smell labels release scent upon opening
  • Peel and taste
  • Scratch and win
  • Plantable seed labels
  • Two and three ply labels
  • Hidden message- IR reader, black light, UV light or polarized lens viewing
  • 3-D/Lenticular labels
  • Sticky Notes/ Post-it Notes/News Notes®
  • Ultra low tack removable labels
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Game piece
  • Piggyback labels
  • Sticker sheets/ kids stickers
  • Raised image/tactile labels

Enhancing the consumer experience through label technology

QR codes and Augmented Reality data points can be embedded into the graphic elements of any label we produce in order to further enhance interactivity with consumers.  You’re able to track consumer behavior simply by embedding readable codes into your promotional labels.

Digital Options for Personalization/Variability

HP Indigo digital technology allows you to completely personalize your promotional label program.   We’re able to utilize your data files to print unique customer information.  Each label can be completely different or you can specify graphics to be used for specific regions or categories.

An excellent example of this program is Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign utilizing labels printed on HP Indigo digital label presses.

The Label Impressions Difference- Engineering for success

Whether your promotional labels are simple or complex, Label Impressions has the experience and expertise to produce them to your exact specifications.  We are familiar with special constructions and adhesives for temporary labels, game pieces, event stickers and rebate coupons, to name just a few.  Our in-house testing lab ensures that your multi-ply label releases cleanly and reseals, your scented labels smell as strong as you specified and your game piece or promotion codes are produced to your exact specifications.


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