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Nutraceutical Adhesive Labels

Like pharmaceutical products, nutraceuticals are subject to rigorous FDA standards and require an increasing amount of information, directions, contraindications and nutrition facts. Label Impressions is uniquely positioned to manufacture nutraceutical labels with a number of benefits and features.

Label Impressions produces the highest quality labels with clear, crisp printing to identify nutraceutical products, even text as small as 0.03" (3 points). We can print up to 10 colors in a single run plus add a variety of special effects including hot foil stamping, cold foil stamping, three-dimensional effects and tactile finishes.

To accommodate all federal and safety requirements, Label Impressions also specializes in [expanded content labels] which offer up to quadruple the available label space for information, easily opened and resealed layers, and endless combinations of sizes, materials, and adhesives.

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