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Garden, Lawn & Chemical Pressure Sensitive Labels

Lawn, garden and chemical products required brilliant, sustaining colors and bold text to identify them quickly and safely as well as increase shelf appeal and marketability. Label Impressions has been manufacturing award-winning pressure sensitive labels for decades and has the equipment and experience to meet all of your needs.

Label Impressions specializes in creating label constructions with the durability and protective layers necessary to withstand the harsh chemicals common in lawn & garden products. Our labels can utilize varnishes and coatings which will resist fading due to prolonged UV exposure and maintain print integrity even in contact with corrosive chemicals.

We can produce lawn & garden labels with up to 10 colors in a single run. If desired, we can also add a variety of special effects including foil stamping, 3-dimensional effects, and textured finishes. For products which require more space for directions or cautions, we can produce expanded content labels with quadruple the amount of real estate in an easily opened and resalable design.

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