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Pressure Sensitive Food Labels

Label Impressions offers the broadest selection of inks, materials, adhesives, effects, and techniques to service the food industry with pressure sensitive labels. Combining award-winning HD printing with the most innovative label equipment, we can help you enhance your marketing appeal and product packaging.

High-resolution imaging with advanced screening allows us to produce the finest detail and color control ever available in food label printing. The result is a brighter, sharper, more dazzling label and printing quality that rivals offset printing. We can also add numerous effects like hot and cold foil stamping, scent and taste effects, textured finishes and even three-dimensional effects. 

For shorter orders or trial runs, our digital labels can provide a perfect solution. If you need even more options, Label Impressions offers expanded content labels, promotional labels, and booklet coupons to engage with your customers in a unique way at the point of purchase.

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