Gravure and Offset versus Flexo- HD Flexo platemaking changes the game

It used to be that if you wanted the absolute highest quality labels or flexible film the only way to go was rotogravure. But with HD flexo that has changed. With HD flexo labels and flexible film printed on flexo presses rivals those printed via the more expensive gravure process. HD has allowed for smaller runs at higher quality and larger runs without the expensive setup. Matching litho runs is now easy- your label can now 'match' your box or other packaging!

A Greener Plate Process?

Yes! In keeping with Label Impressions' 'greener philosophy' and eco vision we determined HD platemaking to be a more sustainable. Longer runs means less plate washing which, in turn, means less water waste, plus the plates last longer than regular plates reducing plate waste. Label Impressions' management team is currently active with the TLMI (Tag and Label Manufacturers Instutute) plate recycling task force and are currently determining the best method of recycling our HD plates, as well as working to help others in the industry to do the same.