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Pet Product Labeling & Packaging

When selecting pet food and care products, buyers have no shortage of options. While there was once just a handful of choices, newer formulas, toys, and cleaning solutions are tailored for specific breeds or ages as well as different allergy and dietary needs. Unsurprisingly, some customers have become confused about what to buy.

Improve the presentation and storage of the pet products you manufacture or distribute with assistance from Label Impressions. Our area of expertise is helping brands stand out in the marketplace with beautiful and informative flexible packaging and labeling solutions. 

Challenges Facing Pet Food Suppliers 

Many people love their pets and consider them to be family members, and obtaining accurate information about the items they purchase is essential. The best way for companies to stand out in a packed marketplace is easy-to-read, informative packaging and labeling. Here are common things that shoppers consider when selecting items for their pets.

  • Ingredients
  • Expiration date, if applicable 
  • Pet age
  • Breed
  • Activity level
  • Lifestyle
  • Reproductive status
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Special dietary needs, such as high protein, vegetarian, vegan, gently cooked, fully cooked, raw, and frozen

Showing consumers that a product is suitable for their animal can build brand loyalty and lead to an expanded client base. Animals are no longer just pets. Occasionally, dogs, cats, monkeys, chimpanzees, dolphins, mice, rats, and others support human companions on the job. 

  • Security 
  • Bomb detection
  • Anti-poaching patrols
  • Fire rescue
  • Underground electrical wiring assistance
  • Land mine discovery 
  • Cattle wranglers 
  • Pest control
  • Sheepherders


Pet Food Labeling & Packaging Types

Whether you’re a seasoned manufacturer of pet products or an upstart company with an innovative design or formula, Label Impressions can develop the best packaging solution for your product. We offer a range of packages and labels explicitly tailored for the pet food industry and its supply chain partners.

Pet Product Labeling & Packaging Requirements

Clean packaging and fully transparent labeling is no longer an afterthought for pet food and treat manufacturers. They’re not only expected by customers, but required by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, or FDA. Some states also enforce their own standards.

Then there’s the Association of American Feed Control, or AAFCO, which is a voluntary membership association that establishes the nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods. Products carrying the blue AAFCO statement have undergone testing or trials.

Since owners want to know what goes into the items they buy for their pets, durable labeling and packaging is preferred. Material degradation and label tearing or peeling can make identification perplexing at the final sales point, which may lead to large quantities of unsold product. 

Because pet products are handled roughly and moved frequently, it’s best to choose a label material that is both waterproof and oil-resistant. This maintains visibility and readability for the product’s lifespan. 

Many pet owners are also environmentally conscience, so recyclable and compostable packaging and labeling is also ideal. Tamper-resistant or childproof options are also available to avoid unwanted spills or ingestion.

Streamlining Pet Packaging & Labeling 

Deliver your pet product to store shelves with high-value, cost-effective packaging and labeling solutions from Label Impressions. We fully understand the FDA’s Structured Product Labeling, or SPL, standards and product registration requirements as well as AAFCO compliance protocol. 

Our experienced team creates personalized pet product labels and packages using a proven consultative approach designed to address brand awareness, safety, product information, and regulatory compliance. You’re involved at every step of the process. 

We have industry-leading color-matching technology and a dedication to meeting customer needs with fast-turnaround times. Once production begins, quality assurance specialists seek out and eliminate nonconformances. 

It’s no secret that the pet industry is booming. At the same time, it’s changing rapidly and brands must adapt to meet consumer demands. At Label Impressions, we have your pet product packaging and labeling needs covered. 

Give us a call to learn more about our pet product packaging and labeling capabilities. 

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