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Peel N Reseal Labels

Resealable Packaging Labels

In a recent study by global research firm Ipsos Innoquest, consumers indicated that they place a high value on food and beverage packaging that preserves product freshness and is reusable. Over 60% of respondents said they would pay premium prices for products in packaging that "keeps food fresh longer". Another 50% placed a high value on packaging that is "easy to reuse". (Design Food Packaging, Nov, 2013-

Resealable packaging started with the baby wipes industry using 'wet wipes labels' and quickly found its way into home cleaning products, dry goods and food packaging. Done right resealable packaging adds tremendous value- done wrong it can up to overlooked product in the supermarket, lost sales and even liability.

Label Impressions' resealable package labels (not to be confused with our re-sealable ECL (Expanded Content Labels) are designed to be food-safe, easy to open and reseal and can include a 'dry' pull tab, patterned adhesive, tamper evident adhesive and other features to help improve your image and compel consumers to buy.

Why Resealable Labels?

Reclosable packaging is definitely hot but safety and performance are key to success in the resealable packaging market. Brand owners often trust their resealable packaging labels to their contract filler who often marks the price up 50-100% or uses an unreliable source. As a trusted source for resealable labels and patterned adhesive labels Label Impressions is able to deliver low cost, perfectly performing safe labels more quickly and cost effectively than a contract packager or printer inexperienced in the process.

Resealable labels are easily incorporated into flow wrap or thermoformed packaging production. They can be designed in almost any shape or size. 

Label Impressions' resealable label features and options include:

  • Easy open
  • Food safe
  • Patterned adhesives/deadened adhesives or 'no adhesive' options available
  • Open and Reseal for the life of your product
  • Fast turnaround
  • Tamper evident features available
  • Low cost/High value
  • Micro perforation options
  • Baby wipes, household products, liquid and dry food product packaging solutions

Important Questions to consider when selecting a reclosable label:

  • What are the package contents (liquid, dry, harsh chemicals)?
  • Overall package size
  • Are to be opened and reclosed (be sure to allow enough room for the consumer to remove the desired number of product- e.g. one wipe, 2 cookies, etc…)
  • Film pouch structure and finish/coating
  • Label 'feel' when removed- e.g. do you desire a smooth release, patterned release, etc… (ask us for examples!)
  • Approximate number of peels and re-seals


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