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Nutraceutical & Vitamin Bottle Labels

Label Impressions manufactures numerous label options for the nutraceutical market. Our pressure sensitive labels with precise text and brilliant color are perfect for identifying and differentiating your product to potential customers. Where more label real estate is needed on small packages, we offer expanded content labels, booklet labels, and other specialty label configurations to accommodate more information.

For a more unique and attention-getting look, we can produce foil printed labels, Cast & Cure labels, embossed labels, tactile labels and even color-changing labels that react to varying temperatures. Thin film labels and reverse see-thru labels provide a nearly invisible decoration method and can offer an additional way to add more information on the backside of the label.

Digital labels offer the ultimate in flexibility and customizability. Labels produced on our digital press possess more vibrant colors, crisper text and clearer photographic-quality images at a lower cost and with much less waste than flexographic printing. Digital labels can also be an excellent option for sample runs, variable designs and variable information like consecutive numbering and barcodes. 

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