Organic & Natural Baby Products Company,

Organic & Natural Baby Products Company, Goes Green with Carbon Neutral, Earth Friendly Labels Made from Natural Stone! Continue Reading

Tilvee FiberStone Labels: The Future Of Green Packaging

Tilvee looks at the bigger picture when it comes to skincare. After all, being Eco Ethical applies to what's on the outside of the bottle just as much as what's on the inside. Continue Reading

Tree-Free, Water-Free, Recyclable Paper

FiberStone® Paper is made from 80% calcium carbonate and 20% non-toxic High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Continue Reading

Sustainable Packaging: New Strides & Strategies

Somewhere along the way, sustainability lost its earthy-crunchy stigma and became the cost-savings buzzword of the consumer products world, in part, thanks to mega-retailer Wal-Mart. Continue Reading

Cyanotech's New Packages Uses FiberStone

In honor of Earth Day, Cyanotech Corporation, a producer of nutrition and health products from microalgae, announced a package redesign with an agreement with Natural Source Partners to use FiberStone for its redesigned Nutrex label launch planned in July. Continue Reading

Tree-free, Waterproof Wine Label Made from Stone

A wine label made from calcium carbonate is a natural fit for an industry already keen on going green, claims US supplier Label Impressions. Continue Reading