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Pharmaceutical Outsert Insert Packing Labels

Label Impressions has become an expert supplier for expanded content labels. This technology, which allows us to produce folded booklet labels that contain up to four times the amount of information as a similarly sized standard pharmaceutical label, has led to numerous options for pharmaceutical inserts and outserts.

Outserts utilize the standard construction of our expanded content labels, which feature two areas of adhesive, a removable adhesive to keep the booklet contained but allow opening and a permanent adhesive to affix the label to the package. This allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to include all necessary information, instructions, and warnings in a tiny, foldout booklet that is easy and accessible to its consumers. 

Inserts are usually designed in the same booklet fashion to allow a substantial amount of information to fit in a tiny area but are placed inside the packaging as a standalone unit rather than adhering them to the outside of the package. Label Impressions manufactures inserts by skipping the permanent adhesive step in production and creating a flexible instruction sheet that can fold to a size that will fit inside the smallest of pharmaceutical containers.

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