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For over 25 years, Label Impressions has been a key supplier to a number of important industries. We have produced award-winning labels for the cosmetic/beauty & personal care market, many with complex combination printing techniques and foil effects.

Label Impressions provides labeling and flexible packaging for the food and beverage industries that not only helps protect the product but also helps it sell. We are also a supplier that understands the stringent requirements of labeling pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, and we offer a number of unique solutions to provide all the necessary information for these highly regulated items.

Lawn & garden and chemical applications require extremely durable labels, and we have the experience and equipment to produce the exact construction you need. And in the emerging market of [cannabis] foods and products, Label Impressions is second to none, offering the highest quality labels and state-of-the-art packaging that protects and secures your product.

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