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HP Mosaic Printing

As a part of Label Impressions’ commitment to providing our customers with the newest technologies, we are offering the leading program in customization: HP Mosaic. Our state of the art graphics department can now work with you to take your product shelf appeal to the next level with customized graphics, images, colors and text.

HP Mosaic allows for hyper-customization of your packaging and labels. We have the ability to produce totally unique and customized versions so every single unit is 100% unique. Studies show that this uniqueness is exactly what younger consumers now want.

HP Mosaic can be applied to many of Label Impressions products. These include:

  • Custom and digital labels
  • Flexible packaging
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Unit carton and pallet labels

Created for HP Indigo presses, HP SmartStream Designer’s Mosaic technology offers dynamic personalization. You can now truly customize your design to fit your target audience or retailer. Once a few base patterns are designed, HP Mosaic handles all the processing and automatically turns those base patterns into an exponential variety of unique designs that maintains the integrity of the original theme. The program automatically generates hundreds, thousands or even millions of unique graphics for embedding into a variable data job, all from a fixed number of base patterns.

The program can not only be used to create eye-catching variation on the shelf, it can also be used to create collectable items each with its own customized element. We can use slogans or quotes to create unique text on each package. This makes each purchased item “special” to the consumer. Another exciting benefit of this technology is the ability to customize the graphics or text on each package to a specific region.

HP Mosaic has had overwhelming success in Coke’s “Share a Coke” campaign, Diet Coke’s Extraordinary Collection Campaign, AHAVA’s production of 12,000 one-of-a-kind folding carton boxes for holiday promotion and 7 million unique labels created for Nutella giving them a stunning shelf appeal. Amerula made 400,000 unique labels using HP Mosaic as a part of their ‘Name Them, Save Them’ campaign while Planters used the program to celebrate Mr. Peanut’s 100th birthday.

Label Impressions’ HP Mosaic technology is ideal for any industry looking to make their mark with consumers.

  • Cosmetic, beauty and personal care
  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Lawn and garden
  • Nutrition
  • Cannabis

Don’t miss these many benefits of the HP Mosaic program now at Label Impressions:

  • Sophisticated rules-based variable data for text, images and colors
  • Automatic creation of millions of designs based on core patterns
  • Dynamic image and text manipulation
  • Integration with third-party content, including personalized maps and other graphics
  • Accelerated variable printing


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