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Folded Booklet Coupon

Our folded booklet coupons are a great way to offer more information and incentives to your customers while reducing your overall packaging and saving money. Label Impressions offers unique solutions and advanced in-house production which allow us to provide tons of features at a much lower cost.

You can double, triple, even QUADRUPLE the real estate and information of the same size standard beverage label with endless combinations of materials and adhesives. Our booklet labels can be opened and resealed again and again with no loss of tack or performance. They can also be affixed to many surfaces, including full-squeeze tubes and flexible packages.

Folded booklet coupons are perfect for on-product offers, in-store rebates, recipes, or any other expanded content solutions your product may require. And like many of our [eco-friendly solutions], booklet coupons utilize fewer materials and adhesives than standard labels and are better for the environment.


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