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Flexible Packaging- From Single Use to Bulk Packaging

Flexible packaging is fast replacing bulky rigid packaging such as plastic bottles, glass containers, cans and wax-lined cardboard containers for food, personal care, oils, and dry goods.  While rigid containers tie up valuable inventory space both in your warehouse and on store shelves flexible packaging reduces shipping costs and enables key placement of products in stores where rigid packaging is simply too bulky (e.g. POP displays at the cash register).

Consumers like flexible packaging for its convenience, lighter weight, superior protection from oxygen and moisture, and a high degree of sustainability.  Examples of flexible packaging solutions include: 

  • Single-serve snacks
  • Dried ingredients
  • Cross branding
  • Unit-dose nutraceutical & pharmaceutical products
  • Lidding Films
  • Stick packaged drink mixes
  • Product samples
  • Travel-sized pouches
  • Promotional items
  • Push through blister packs
  • Compostable pouches

Label Impressions’ wider format flexographic presses allow for larger stand-up pouches to be produced economically in-house and for sample packettes and sachets to be maximized across a roll allowing for more efficient, lower-cost filling at larger volumes. Flexible packing is ideal for single-use and bulk packaging solutions.

Engineered for Success

Engineering your pouch product from the start is critical to successful pouching of products from personal care products with essential oils to industrial products with caustic or other ‘hard to hold’ chemicals.  While they may appear similar, all pouch structures are not made alike.  There are literally hundreds of combinations of structures with a variety of barrier foils and films, sealant layers and tie layers.  Utilizing an experienced staff of product engineers and a full in-house lab we’re able to assist our clients with stability testing and ingredient evaluation to ensure the optimal structure for your product.

Compostable Material Options

The thinner, more compact structure of pouches makes them a more sustainable option than traditional rigid packaging however for an even more eco-friendly packaging option we offer compostable film structures.  Our FDA compliant high barrier compostable pouches come in clear, silver, and white which can be configured to any size or shape and are suitable for dry goods.  Our films comply with ASTM D6400, EN 13432, AS 4736 and OK Compost’s Home Composting Standards.

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