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Flexible Food Packaging

In addition to printed food labels, clamshell labels, and food bar wraps, Label Impressions also offers some very innovative flexible food packaging options. Custom preformed pouches come in a variety of configurations including side sealed, bottom sealed, gusseted and zippered. Our flexible pouches increase product shelf life and packaging appeal while offering a number of security features such as tear strips, tamper-evident signs, and resealable zipper closures.

Our unique packaging tubes are produced by shaping and crimping pressure sensitive labels. This allows unlimited design options at the lowest possible cost for a durable and reliable squeeze package. These label tubes provide greater decorating options than with traditional tubes and are 100% recyclable.

Both flexible pouches and label tubes offer limitless design options with up to 10 colors, foil stamping, and tactile effects. Dozens of materials and finishes are available, including foils, matte finishes, gloss finishes, combination finishes, and even clear substrates. Our flexible packaging provides excellent moisture and oxygen barriers to protect food and supplements.

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