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Our FiberStone®, tree-free stone paper  labels combine the conformability, durablity and toughness of a film label, the aesthetic qualities of a paper label, and the eco-friendliness of a 'green label'!

Both virgin and recycled papers create thousands of gallons of waste water. FiberStone®, tree-free stone paper, labels are water proof yet use NO WATER or chemical bleaching. Using FiberStone™, tree-free stone paper, for your next print project helps you do your part to bring the world closer to a solution to the water crisis.

For more info about FiberStone®, tree-free stone paper, made from natural stone please call one of our representatives at (714) 634-3466 or visit

"The instant our marketing team found out about FiberStone™, tree-free stone paper, we were certain it aligned with our green initiatives. We immediately created collateral centered around FiberStone's earth friendly benefits that was implemented during a "Natural" focused campaign at all Sephora stores nationwide. Our overwhelming customer and business partner's response has been a great success for our brand and we can't wait to continue our marketing efforts utilizing this unique tree-free stone paper!" - Kristen Lawson, Creative Manager, OLE HENRISKEN Personal Care.

"I love the feel of the FiberStone®, tree-free stone paper. It's so soft, that in a thinner form, you can almost imagine it as bed sheets! I am looking forward to the opportunity of including this amazing product in all my projects." - Colleen Paige, Founder Pet Home magazine.

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