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Eco Friendly Labels

Label Impressions has a long history of environmental stewardship. Revered as an industry leader in sustainability we were the very first label company in the USA to achieve oth FSC Certification and Carbon Neutral status. Since 2007 we have removed over 600 metric tons of carbon from the environment

A few highlights of our environmental initiatives/achievements are:

  • Carbon Neutral through
  • FiberStone® tree-free waterproof labels
  • 30%, 60%, 100% PCW Recycled labels
  • Environmentally friendly inks
  • Ancient Forest Friendly papers
  • Recycled Coffee paper labels
  • Compostable, corn based label films (PLA Labels)
  • Phthalate free labels and kid safe (grass certified labels)
  • Waste reduction initiatives
  • No cost liner recycling programs for clients
  • Matrix recycling program
  • energy monitoring system
  • 100kWh Peak Shaving battery system (*worth 18 LEED certification points)
  • 100% recycling of plate solvents since 2007
  • Water wash plate making system
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