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E Liquid Labels

Vape and e-liquid brand owners require their vape labels or shrink sleeve packaging combine high performance, shelf appeal, tactile feel and adherence to ever-changing regulatory requirements. Label Impressions’ in-house packaging engineers have the experience needed to successfully tackle the unique challenges that vape labeling presents.

With e-liquid competition increasing at a rapid rate you want to ensure that your vape labels stand out from the crowd. Many of our clients take advantage of our unique ability to combine multiple special effects to their vape cartridge and e-liquid refill labels.

E Liquid Labels

Digital printing for multiple versions

Vape consumers have varying tastes, thus vape companies need to offer a variety of e-liquid formulations and flavors. Traditional flexographic or rotogravure printing isn’t always the best solutions for multiple skus as plate costs can be prohibitive. With our HP Indigo digital label, shrink sleeve and flexible packaging print technology you get the highest quality digital printing available without expensive printing plates or dies. With our HP Indigo label printing technology there are no setup fees or added color fees.

Vape packaging that pops!

Special effects options include:

  • Holographic foils
  • Ultra bright metallic
  • Scented labels
  • Peel n taste labels
  • Tactile feel such as soft touch, raised varnish, embossed, scales or other tactile patterns
  • Cast and cure holographic effects

FDA Regulations- let us help!

Regulations for vape liquid and e-liquid components are stringent. A violation could mean huge fines or even imprisonment. We’re always current on regulations. Current regulations state:

Packaging and advertising for all newly deemed products other than cigars must display an addictiveness warning that states: “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.” (Subject to certain requirements, the manufacturer of a product that does not contain nicotine may use an alternative warning that states: “This product is made from tobacco.”) The final rule requires the warnings to appear on at least 30 percent of the two principal display panels of the package. Excerpt from "Tobacco Products" Subject to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as Amended by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, Section II B, subsection 4, Required Warning Labels. The FDA Final Rule for e-liquid and vape packaging includes instructions on specific font style, sizes and placement.

Out of space on your label? Our expanded content, two ply and folded booklet labels allow you to expand your real estate without crowding your graphics and logo.


Common e-liquid label sizes are 1” x 2” (15 mL), 1.25” x 2.5” (15mL), 1.625” x 3.25” (30mL) and 1.75” x 3” (30mL) however we have over ten thousand stock sizes to choose from including tapered dies for the slight tapers that most plastic components possess.

E Liquid Vape Labels

Small bottles require unique label materials

The tight mandrel/small radius containers that vape cartridges and containers are sold in present a special challenge to those unfamiliar with such packaging. As a label producer for personal care brands for over a quarter century Label Impressions has the right adhesives and flexible face stocks to ensure success in labeling these smaller diameter components. A vape component or e-liquid product with a peeling label is an unsellable product. Ensure that your labels adhere perfectly and that inks don’t run when exposed to moisture or oils.

Let our label application equipment experts work with you free of charge on setting up your application whether your need is for shorter run, low-cost semi-automatic vape container labeling or fully automatic, hopper fed labeling equipment. Click here for a video of vape packaging label application.


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