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Cosmetic and Personal Care Labels


At Label Impressions, cosmetic applications are steeped in our DNA.  Many of the largest personal care brands have been using Label Impressions via industry brokers as ‘the’ most reliable quality manufacturer of personal care labels since 1998.  In 2004 we began selling direct to brands while maintaining our strongest relationships with personal care packaging brokers.


The label requirements for cosmetic products are very different from ‘typical’ label requirements and should be produced by an expert with experience in the field.  Label Impressions has spent over a quarter-century addressing these needs for custom labels for beauty products.  Labels for tapered products can be tricky to specify, produce and apply.  Oils, powders and other ingredient contamination require specifically designed adhesives to perform correctly on cosmetic components.  Smaller radius containers such as lip pencils, lip tubes and eye pencils require materials designed to fit the tighter mandrels and adhesives with high initial tack and strong overall adhesion.   Our engineers know how to ask the right questions and test in-house in our laboratory to determine the precise materials for such applications.  Our clients also benefit from our experience and ability to work with label applicators and contract packagers to troubleshoot and ensure maximum success with cosmetic label application.

QUALITY COSMETIC LABELS AND PACKAGING- at any quantity, short or long runs

With 17” wide flexographic printing presses and HP Indigo digital printing equipment, we’re able to produce both short-run labels for prototypes or initial launches and multiple SKUs and longer runs flexographically using our in-house HD Flexo water-wash printing plates which match the quality of our HP Indigo digital label solutions.

Longer run pricing, at 50,000 to 50 million, is the most competitive in the industry due to investments in high-efficiency, high output equipment and processes such as turret rewinders, automatic butt splicers, and automatic trim removal systems.

We inventory the widest array of label materials on our floor including eco-friendly label materials such as our own FiberStone® tree-free label stock, metalized materials, ultra-flexible squeeze tube labels, full tube crimp through labels and conformable label stocks.


Cosmetic brands have often preferred direct printing such as screen printing, hot stamping or pad printing to labeling for the historically cleaner look but seek the cost benefits that smaller inventories and shorter lead times offer.  Utilizing the newest, ultra-thin, transparent clear substrates and liners, clients are able to better manage inventories, cost-effectively deal with SKU rationalization and see lower total application costs via increased speeds while achieving a true ‘no label look’.  Click below to request samples.  Investments in technology and R&D have enabled us to offer these materials and significant total cost savings to our clients.

Expanding your content with ECLs (Expanded Content Labels)

Also known as extended text labels, this technology has been one of the cornerstones of Label Impressions’ success in custom labels for beauty products.  Increased Federal, State, and International regulations have created a challenge to cosmetic brands looking to maintain a clean label look.  Utilizing our ECL options such as two-ply labels, three-ply and four-ply labels, foldout booklet labels, clean release and peel and reseal labels cosmetic companies are able to tuck away regulatory information, instructions for use, ingredients and other important messages inside the label rather than clutter the face of the product. 


Personal care and cosmetic companies looking to demonstrate their brand’s quality and appeal look to Label Impressions for interesting and unique special effects labels such as

  • Hot foil stamping
  • Cold foil stamping
  • Cast and cure foil effects
  • Custom and stock Scents
  • Taste effects
  • 3-dimensional effects
  • Tactile finishes
  • Soft-touch varnishes
  • Color shifting inks
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