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Clean Release Cards

Label Impressions manufactures custom scratch off and custom clean release cards used in a wide variety of promotional applications. Custom scratch-off cards and clean release cards are a great way to promote your business, offer incentives to your customers or increase the success of your fundraiser. They are one of the most effective promotions for your business.

Custom Clean Release Cards

With custom clean release cards, an 8 or 10 pt C1S or C2S paper card is laminated to a multi-ply film construction coupon base – which can be either clear film or white.  The end product is a card that can be printed on both sides with static or variable data that stays firmly intact during affixing to a form, letter or other promotional piece but is easy for the consumer to peel off- leaving a clean, dry clear base.

Label Impressions’ custom clean release cards can be prepared for either inkjet or laser personalization.  We can embed QR Codes, hidden data points for augmented reality. Clean release cards can be writable.

Custom Scratch Off Cards

Custom scratch off cards have a scratch-off feature that when removed reveals hidden information. These cards can be used in game pieces or discount promotions. They are also popular in the phone card, gift card, and loyalty card industries when a code is required to access the value of a card.

Additional features

Any of our other promotional label features such as scent, foil or glow in the dark are also available and cost-effective for both our clean release and scratch off cards.  Security taggants can also be added for further track and trace programs.

Applications for custom clean release and scratch off cards include:

  • Membership
  • discount cards
  • fundraisers
  • rewards cards
  • subscriptions
  • insurance
  • ID/access
  • Gaming
  • music downloads
  • Direct mailer
  • Giveaways
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