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Cast & Cure Labels

Cast and Cure™

With Cast and Cure™ you get the benefit of eye-popping shelf appeal effects without the high cost of traditional holographic and specialty materials.

  • Hundreds of patterns and effects available "off the shelf"
  • Custom patterns can include logos, security, and anti-counterfeiting features, or other design elements
  • Can be spot areas of a label, carton, pouch, shrink sleeve or tube as well as 100% coverage
  • Modified cold foiling equipment allows the material to be re-used repeatedly
  • Image effect is durable, water-resistant, chemical-resistant, scuff-resistant and 100% recyclable
  • Doesn't deform with flexible pouches, heat sealing, or crimping
  • Can be combined with our decorated tubes for a lower cost, eye-popping effect

Label Impressions' Decorated Tubes

Our unique packaging tubes are produced by shaping and crimping pressure-sensitive labels. This allows unlimited design options at the lowest possible cost for a durable and reliable squeeze package. The benefits are extensive:

  • Unlimited design options, including Cast and Cure™ effects
  • Dozens of materials available, including foils and even clear substrates
  • Increased size and shape options can create truly unique packaging
  • Significantly lower cost than traditional tubes
  • Greater decorating options available than with traditional tubes
  • 100% recyclable
  • Printed labels can be stored flat before being formed into tubes to reduce packaging inventory levels and area

Download a white paper explaining the benefits of Cast and Cure™ here

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