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Labeling Capabilities & Quality

Label Designing & Package Designing by Graphic Design Department

Our graphic design department offers label designing and package designing for your products in accordance with your needs and specifications. These specially produced label designs and package designs will help turn your vision into reality. We provide fast turnarounds on proofs for new projects or revisions to existing label designs or package designs. We create your art electronically on state of the art workstations and transfer it to film with laser-quality precision.

Color Control Process

We don’t rely on a visual check of a Pantone Matching System color book when the job is on the press. This is because PMS books fade after a time due to fluorescent office lights, sunlight and general wear and tear. Instead, color is precisely measured using a color spectrophotometer (both prior to press-run and on press).  This ultra-precise color measurement tool reads the PMS color and interprets it as a number.  Any shift in this reading is measured as ‘Delta E’.   While the typical human viewer can only see a +/- 4.00 Delta Reading, our standard delta reading is +/- 1.25, which is a much tighter control. This reading ensures the color is right from the start and there’s no debate over whether a color ‘matches’ or not.  While the vibrancy of the ‘1st Article’ is important we feel that color and, more importantly, consistency of the label is the most critical feature for your brand.  With Label Impressions’ color control process you get both vibrancy AND consistency with:

  • In-house accurate drawdowns within 24 hours
  • Color matches on the actual label stock (clear, film, paper, foil, pouch material - ANY stock)
  • We can provide you with a Color Match Proof or send a PDF proof to save you time and money.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Process

We follow strict ISO guidelines including 100% line clearance, acetate proofs, sample retain library, on press video monitoring and verification and our stringent 15-step dual sign off process.  Our process enables us to monitor all steps of the manufacturing process, from press set to shipping. LII also pulls retains every 100 feet from the run to validate against the initial sign off. Within the 15-step dual sign off process are specific, ASTM test methods used to ensure the label performs as it should. ASTM Die stain testing is performed to ensure zero die-cut issues thus eliminating issues on your production line.   ASTM Machine rub tests are performed to ensure ink adhesion and resistance to water, chemicals, and mechanical abrasion.  Accelerated age testing in temperature-controlled ovens ensures that the form, fit and function of the label and package is as it should be. Clear acetates are used at press to ensure the copy is correct and in the appropriate position.  

100% Lot Traceability

Every roll throughout the process is coded and traceable back to the parent roll and master components.  Full lot traceability is available through the entire process: from the incoming of raw materials throughout the entire production run and shipping of the final product.

Compliance With Your Standards- Not Just Ours 

While we follow the strictest standards and employ the toughest testing methods in the industry we recognize the importance of your quality standards and test methods.  Label Impressions is always quick to complete self-audits and is always open to client audits.  We address any quality concerns with ISO compliance and prompt corrective action.

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