Label Designing and Package Designing by Graphic Design Department

Our graphic design department offers label designing and package designing for your products in accordance with your needs and specifications. These specially produced label designs and package designs will help turn your vision into a reality. We provide fast turnarounds on proofs for new projects or revisions to existing label designs or package designs. We create your art electronically on state of the art workstations and transfer it to film with laser quality precision.

We can provide you with a Color Match Proof or send a PDF proof via the internet to save you time and money.

Need help with label dispense direction - Download our Unwind Chart

Label Impressions has achieved amazing results in color matching recently, including:

  • A higher level of color correctness (1.25 or better Delta E)
  • In-house accurate drawdowns within 24 hours
  • Color matches on the actual label stock (clear, film, paper, foil, pouch material - ANY stock)


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