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Cannabis Packaging Labels

Label Impressions produces labels specifically designed for the emerging market of cannabis foods and products. We offer the largest selection of inks, materials, adhesives, effects, and techniques to provide pressure sensitive cannabis labels with award-winning HD printing and the most innovative label equipment and consultants. 

Another way to differentiate your product packaging and create a more natural and environmental look is to utilize our unique label material made from recycled coffee bean bags. These labels are available in three shades of coffee brown - light, medium and dark - and comprised of fibrous flecks that give the labels a unique texture. 

Along with producing labels for this emerging market, Label Impressions is also the most environmentally conscious label printer in the world. We were the first certified carbon neutral label printer, the first certified responsible forest usage label printer, the first to create label paper made from rocks, and the first to offer a completely biodegradable label for planting seeds. Plus our facility is 100% carbon neutral and 100% wind-powered. We even create drinking water from the humidity we remove from our production area.

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