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Beverage Labels & Packaging

A quality label with an attractive design will sell your product. Whether your product is a new, start-up or existing, your label is the most important aspect because, with a low-quality label, consumers may not buy it even if the product inside is outstanding.

In today’s competitive retail environment, food and beverage product labeling is an essential component in any successful go-to-market strategy. Consumers give food and beverage labels about a 3-5 second glance at the shelf level. That’s not much time to sell, so it’s extremely important that the label design considers every aspect of your target demographic. Here are some aspects to consider in designing food and beverage labels to increase your products to sell.

Beverage Label Materials & Color

Get their attention

First impressions are everything. Your labels need to convey the essence of your message and brand to your target audience. From the packaging to the graphics and color schemes of the label designs along with materials must grab consumer attention. Consider other manufacturing features like foils, varnishes, and embossing.

Beverage Label Standards & Requirements

Focus on your customers

Grabbing attention is only the beginning of an outstanding label. Ask your client’s why they like the label design with other packaging features and how it will factor into their buying decision. Next, it’s time to comply. For food and beverage packaging, there is some information mandated by regulatory agencies and experienced food packaging designers know what to do to satisfy these requirements. A well-written copy is as important as the visual features. First was to get the consumer to pick up your product, now you must sell your story to your brand and product.

Beverage Label Manufacturing

Before you finalize your label design, get with your label manufacturer to be sure all the design details and environmental conditions are conveyed. All great-looking labels MUST perform in the environment as intended. The design features you desire should always be discussed in the best manufacturing practices for optimum outcomes. Label manufacturing is a process: You are taking the artwork to be converted to mechanical engineering and then recreating it back into physical artwork. Consult with a specialist today!

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