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Augmented Reality Interactive Labels

Attract and engage more customers with Label Impressions’ interactive labels. Interactive labels can tell your company’s story, give consumers additional information or provide an entertaining element to your product. Consumers need only scan the interactive label with their smartphone to gain access to the additional information.

Benefits of interactive labels include:

  • Increase sales
  • Drive unique visitors to your website
  • Go viral with social marketing
  • Drive coupons, additional information, cross selling opportunities
  • Track consumer behavior
  • Geolocate
  • Authenticate
  • Increase return rates

Label Impressions’ interactive labels can be visible or invisible depending on your needs. There are so many exciting opportunities available when using interactive labels. One great example is the 19 Crimes wine bottle label. Using augmented reality (AR) interactive labels, companies can provide a truly unique experience to their consumers that will have them coming back again and again.

Overt: Label Impressions can use an overt, or visible, interactive labels that can either be static (all the same) or dynamic (each label or packaging has their own unique code). Examples include QR codes, barcodes, and holograms.

Covert: We can also produce covert images which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Examples include hidden micro-text (so tiny it requires a high-powered microscope to see) and a hidden printing plate containing data points that a smartphone via filters impeded into an app can see.

Combination: Combine overt and covert interactive labels to thwart counterfeiters and gain the benefits of both types of interactive labels.

Label Impressions can print instructions on the label directing the consumer on how to use the interactive label, but often very little guidance is needed. Interactive labels can be printed on Label Impressions’ labels, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging and hangtags. Interactive labels can be printed flexographically or digitally on a wide variety of materials. They can also be used with any other feature Label Impressions offers.

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