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Custom Packaging, printed in a GREEN facility

  • Digital Anti-counterfeiting and Consumer Engagement Solution

    Anti-Counterfeiting and Consumer Engagement

    Enable your consumers to digitally authenticate your products, signup for your brand and engage with your digital marketing.

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  • Flexible Packaging

    Flexible Packaging

    Flexible packaging replaces rigid packaging like bottles or containers, reduces shipping costs, enables more products placement and are completely customizable!

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  • Expanded Content Labels

    Expanded Content Labels

    Expanded content labels (ECL) can increase space on product labels to include safety, nutritional or additional product information.

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  • Full Body Shrink Sleeves

    Full Body Shrink Sleeves

    Our full body shrink sleeves provide 360 degrees of marketing space and allows for decoration of complex shapes.

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  • Digitally Printed Labels & Flexible Packaging

    Digitally Printed Labels & Flexible Packaging

    Enable you to print only the quantity you need- no matter how many different versions you require.

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  • Labelling Equipment

    Labelling Equipment

    We service all makes and models of labeling equipment and sell ‘Built in the USA’ applicators from simple, semi-automatic labelers and dispensers to fully automatic, integrated labeling lines- installed by our in-house engineers.

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  • Booklet Labels

    Booklet Labels

    Booklet and foldout labels contain instructions, warnings, products facts and other information on fold out pages

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  • Stand Up Pouches

    Stand Up Pouches

    Custom stand up pouches increase product shelf life, are environmentally friendly and come in a wide variety of configurations.

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  • Sachet & Packettes

    Sachet & Packettes

    Sachets and packettes can be used to market vitamins, tablets, cosmetic creams, snack foods and products samples in a unique way.

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  • Unit Cartons & Boxes

    Unit Cartons & Boxes

    Carton and box labels can be printed via flexography, lithography or digitally up to 24 points in quantities from 500 to 50 million!

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  • Stick Pack Flexible Packaging

    Stick Pack

    Tube-shaped stick packs are perfect for servings of gel, powder, and samples of food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and much more.

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  • Bar Wraps

    Bar Wraps

    Whether heat seal or cold seal we have the high barrier film structures to ensure your product’s integrity and extend shelf-life.

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  • Food Labels

    Food Labels

    Whether cold or hot application, exposure to moisture or oils we specify the right materials to get the job done when it comes to food labels and labeling.

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  • Personal Care

    Personal Care

    Image matters. New, eye catching special effects such as our Cast and Cure, Soft Touch and Tactile finishes increase your product's appeal and reinforce the quality of your brand.

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  • Beverage Labels

    Beverage Labels

    Hottest trends in beverage labeling include luxurious tactile, wet-strength wine label papers and films and ultra-clear, "no label look” films.

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  • IRC Labels

    IRC Labels

    Use IRC coupons to display coupons, rebates, recipes and other discounts and customer information all while saving cost.

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  • Interactive Labels

    Interactive Labels

    Use your smartphone to view our hidden printing and unlock the power of augmented reality packaging.

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Your Product & Expanded Content Label Specialist

At Label Impressions, our highly trained team will work with you to create a Custom Product & Expanded Content Label (ECL) that provides excellent product shelf appeal while creating additional space for increased information due to state or federal regulations or multiple languages. We will deliver your expanded content labels quickly while maintaining the highest quality standards on the market.

Label Impressions has years of experience in the expanded content label (ECL) market and offers a wide variety of expanded content solutions. These include:

  • Fold-out labels
  • Window cards
  • Clean release cards
  • Multi-ply labels
  • Instant redeemable coupons

To these options we can add special effects like scent, texture and taste.

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Why Choose Label Impressions for
Custom Flexographic and Digital Label Solutions?

Label Impressions is the highest quality, most innovative custom product label and shrink sleeve label printer on the West Coast. While running a certified eco-friendly facility, we maintain the highest standards, providing our customers with quality assurance test after test throughout the printing process. We offer our customers a wide range of printing options using our flexographic and digital printers, creating custom beverage labels, custom cannabis packaging, custom labels for beauty products and so much more.

With a label production facility located in Orange County, California we provide custom label solutions to all Southern and Northern California counties, and far beyond! Label Impressions is the printer of choice for branding companies, marketing agents and premier graphic design firms in the New York and San Francisco areas. View our portfolio and see how we can elevate the labels and packaging for your products.

High Quality Standards High Quality Standards
Capabilities Capabilities
On Time Delivery On Time Delivery
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Team of Specialists Team Of Specialists Working For You
  • Testimonials

    "In a process such as this every detail matters, and Daniel went above and beyond to ensure that nothing was missed. “

    - Rob Smead


    Electrum Supply

  • Testimonials

    “The staff is always willing to review an order to see if there are economies that can be effected- this makes them stand out against other expanded content label producers”

    - Anita DePauw


    Benchmark Marketing International

  • Testimonials

    “I have benefitted from their staff’s tireless work ethic, creative problem solving and their total willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.”

    - Jess Tinoco

    Supply Chain Manager

    Philips, Inc.

  • Testimonials

    "I received the AFW label samples today and they look great!

    Such an improvement in not only the overall quality of print with clean trapping and tight registration,

    but color and consistency are leaps and bounds over the original!

    Thanks so much for your continued great work and due diligence! "

    Rebecca Rowland

  • Testimonials

    "Since we deal in fresh produce on time delivery is absolutely critical to us and to date Label Impressions has never been late on a delivery and in fact often delivers early.”

    - Vicky Garcia


  • Testimonials

    "Labels arrived and look GREAT!!! I am very satisfied :)

    I Would like to proceed with the next batch as quoted at 40,000 quantity please. "


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