Expanded Content Labels

Any label that provides the ability to peel it open to reveal additional text or graphics is considered an expanded content or extended content label. Some labels are designed to peel and reseal while others are meant to fold-out (booklet labels). Whatever your preference Label Impressions is the best source for extended content labels.

Several of the engineers at Label Impressions were among the first to innovate the expanded content label (also known as exptended content labels), responding to pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, and pet product companies’ need to add additional regulatory, recipe and instructional information to a label without increasing the label’s size.

"Fewer than 15% of label printers nationwide are able to produce extended content labels in-house.  Is YOUR label printer simply ‘buying them out’ from someone else and charging you a markup?"  



Label Impressions’ eco-friendly extended content labels and booklet labels are a great way to minimize your overall eco-foot print, enhance the message you send to consumers or comply with increasing government regulations. By using a multi-part label you reduce the amount of packaging you use. Our clients have been able to eliminate printed inserts or outserts and in some cases eliminate an outer unit carton altogether. Our own unique solutions allow us to provide lower cost, easy to open expanded content labels.

Consider further enhancing your eco-friendly message to print expanded content labels by using tree-free, FiberStone® paper, recycled label papers, or compostable label stock.

Benefits of our Expanded Content Labels:

Our team of seasoned label engineers will ensure that your extended content label is designed with both your package and target audience in mind ensuring that they are easy to open yet won’t flag.  We use in-house accelerated age testing in our lab on 100% of the labels we ship to ensure the performance of our multi-part labels over time.

  • Double the real estate at a fraction of the cost
  • Our extended content labels are easy to open and reseal
  • No loss of tack upon multiple opening/closing
  • Cold temperature adhesives, freezer or high heat applications
  • Endless combinations of materials and adhesives make our ECL suitable for ANY application!
  • Full squeeze tube extended text labels for cosmetics/personal care lotions, shampoos, and creams
  • Our extended text labels can include screen printing, foil, tactile, scent or other effects
  • Certified High Definition Flexo 
  • 10 color printing allows you to show off high-quality graphics and full color on both the inside and the outside of your ECL

Among the many uses of expanded content labels/extended text labels are:

  • Recipes
  • Coupons/Rebates
  • Romance Copy/Story (About Us)
  • Legal/Regulatory compliance
  • Instructions/Warnings
  • Multilingual labeling

Among the many uses of expanded content labels/extended text labels are:

  • Instructions/Warnings
  • Coupons/Rebates
  • Drug Facts labeling
  • Agriculture labels
  • Pharmaceutical labels

Our own unique expanded content label designs allow dramatic improvements over our traditional offerings:

  • 200% of the label surface for information
  • Simpler and easier to open and re-seal
  • No loss of tack upon multiple opening/closing
  • Endless combinations of materials and adhesives make our ECL suitable for ANY application!


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