Personal Care Packaging

Quality Packets/Sachets

Stunning high definition graphics, longer shelf life, worry-free packets, sachets, and pouches is what you get from Label Impressions. Whether you're simply looking for a high-quality printer to produce your flexible packaging or prefer a worry-free, hassle-free fulfillment partner we're here to help.

Peace of Mind

With in-house lab equipment, we're able to perform complex accelerated aging, rub tests and full compatibility testing. Whether you're looking for a sample sachet filled with shampoo, conditioner or hair gel, or a packette with SPF sunscreen, tanning lotion, skin cream or makeup product you'll rest assured that your product has been paired with the right barrier structure and has been fully tested for maximum shelf life and compatibility.

Maximum Flexibility/Lower Total Cost

Many flexible packaging printers simply use a 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to flexible packaging. Label Impressions stocks one of the largest varieties of flexible packaging materials including ultra-high barrier films, easy tear, ultra-white, barex, matte films, and firmer magazine films. By choosing from a wider variety of films we're able to get you the packet, pouch or shrink film product that best suits your needs - not ours!

Low Minimums

With 9 presses, digital capabilities and our lean approach to manufacturing we're able to produce packets in quantities as few as 5,000 to 50,000,000!

Full Service, Worry-Free Turnkey Packette Filling

From print to fill, we 'make it easy', from the selection of the appropriate pouch material to die lines and graphics adjustment to coordination of bulk product we guarantee you'll have a worry-free experience. By letting us handle your pouch project from start to finish you'll have the time to focus on the things you do best. Leave the details to us!


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