Booklet & Fold Out Labels

Booklet labels (also known as foldout labels, expanded content labels, extended text labels, and multi-ply labels) are one of the most versatile promotional labels available. These complex constructions are used to add extra information to a label without increasing real estate or the "footprint" of a label.

booklet labels

Booklet labels are used in numerous ways and for a variety of industries. They are used to tell a story about a product or as an alternative to recipe labels. Booklet labels can also be used to include instructions, warnings, drug facts, regulatory information or to incorporate additional languages for products sold in various countries.

We offer a multitude of design options for your folded booklet labels. They can be hand or machine applied and can be sent directly to a multitude of locations for your convenience. Label Impressions has developed several unique, lower cost methods of producing booklet labels and expanded content labels so you can get more space on your label for less money!


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