Sniff out new opportunities

Label Impressions has long been known as a leader in label and printing innovation. From helping companies accomplish their “sustainability goals” with FiberStone to Extended Content labels for companies that need to put a little more information on their products. Now Label Impressions helps you sniff out new opportunities with Scratch-N-Sniff. What’s so innovative about Scratch-N-Sniff? Well keep reading!

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to make their products jump off the shelf. What better way to do that than with an opportunity for the consumer to smell what you have to offer. It’s one of the coolest effects you can add to your label. Label Impressions is pleased to announce the introduction of Scent-intense! ™ Labels, tags and cards.

Utilizing already well-known “Scratch-N-Sniff” coatings, Label Impressions can create a beautiful label that will not only appeal to your customers sight, but also adds an attractive smell – with THREE TIMES the scent of standard Scratch-N-Sniff applications!

You can again help accomplish some of your sustainability goals because Label Impressions produces them with Environmental, water-based inks, GRAS Certified and Phthalate free components.

And here is the really cool part. In many cases we can even match the scent you require (of course not every scent can be matched but give us a call and we will try out best to get you what you need!). Think about the possibilities. Remember, scents often trigger intense emotional responses and can help influence your consumer to buy.

This is just one more way Label Impressions, Inc. is leading the printing industry in quality, speed, and sustainability. So if you are looking for specialty labels, Expanded Content Labels, coupons, FiberStone, Plantable labels, packettes, gusset bags, or removable labels. Contact Label Impressions at or call 714-634-3466.
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