Is your printing strategy “Gluten-free”

Somehow the Gluten Free diet fad has sparked people without Celiac Disease to jump on the bandwagon eating gluten free without any added benefit to health.  A food billed as “gluten-free” isn’t necessarily healthier. Gluten-free products can be high in calories, fat, and carbohydrates and some people who go gluten-free actually gain weight.

The same is true of companies going “paperless”.  Going paperless may sound better on paper by reducing the actual cost of their printing but could increase the administrative and software costs for some companies.  If your clients are hinting at going paperless, be a print consultant for them and assist them on a beneficial ROI.  Usually for every dollar spent on printing, there is $35 on administrative costs for the information.  In fact, your efforts may come up with better printing solution to help them save on those admin costs.

Saving a dollar is nice, but the bigger picture to the overall health of a company is better than going with a fad.

Jim Gross
Label Impressions