Foil Stamped Label Decoration Makes a Big Comeback in Personal Care Labeling

Everything comes full circle. Nearly a decade ago hot foil stamped labels were all the rage, especially in personal care labeling. In early 2000 hot stamped labels dominated the personal care space and price was not an issue and Label Impressions was a clear leader in producing challenging, eye popping hot foil stamped labels. The data is clear- foil labels get products noticed and help product jump off the shelves and into consumer’s shopping baskets.

Designers never gave up on foil but a challenging economy rendered hot foil labels all but obsolete. Cold foil labels came on the scene as a solution to the high cost of hot foil but early attempts at high quality cold foil labels failed miserably.

Fine type, detailed effects and reverse type could not be achieved. Today cold foil is making a strong comeback due to advances in foils, adhesives and HD Flexo (High Definition) flexo platemaking.

Foil Stamped Labels By Label Impressions

At Label Impressions we’re producing foil stamped labels with fine lines, positive and reverse type down to 3 points and combining foil stamping effects with combination coatings to create the most elegant looking labels at a fraction of the cost of what a hot foil label costs.

As a result we’re seeing personal care brand owners such flocking to low cost, high quality foil labels as a way to strengthen the brand image of their personal care products.

Designers are pushing the envelope with respect to challenging label design and Label Impressions has risen to the challenge- making the foil stamped label again the decoration method of choice in personal care labeling.