Flexo printed labels

Flexo printed labels are a great way to enhance your tube products and lower your cost. Most buyers are ordering tubes for personal care and other products and are silk-screening directly on the tubes.

Silk-screening directly on tubes is not only costly but limited as well. The silkscreen process requires a setup charge that on average can cost $1,000.00 -$1,500.00. The silkscreen process uses a thicker ink that does not allow for 4 color process printing or the screening of pantone colors.

This puts a limitation on the graphics. In most cases the buyer will also have to purchase a minimum amount of printed tubes to cover the cost of the set up and silkscreen process this can result in a large amount of printed tubes being stored in inventory. In the event for the need of a graphics change or change required by the FDA the company is usually out tons of money reprinting product stored in inventory. A solution to this is purchasing printed labels. Flexo printed tube labels are printed using a squeezable material (most often a polyolefin) that can conform to the tube when squeezed. Printing on a label material instead of directly on the tube allows the buyer to purchase generic tube in bulk, be more creative with graphics images and the cost to make changes to graphics is minimal compared to silk-screening. Flexo printed labels can be produced as a wrap labels or full crimp through labels for the “No Label Look”.